Hotel "Djudjeva House" Restaurant Delicious, homemade food

The restaurant

of “Djudjeva House”

The restaurant of Djudjeva House is our special place in our hotel. It is furnished in a traditional style and offers 30 seats inside and 40 seats in the garden, cozy nestled under the shed of the small house.
You will have a chance to try our delicious dishes typical of our country  and reagion. Some of which are Panagyuriski tutmanik (traditional banitsa with white cheese),typical beans dishes made in clay pot, Panagyurshte’s eggs( seared eggs with white cheese and Bulgarian yogurt), Panagyurishka lukanka (homemade sausage with special herbs) and many other traditional Bulgarian dishes. Our bread is home made and freshly baked! We believe that food must be a real pleasure. That’s why we use local fresh products. We cook with love, fresh and seasonal ingredients, we keep the old recipes and the traditions in our cuisine. The hotel owners have another restaurant located in the center of the town – “The Old House”.

At our restaurant you can try

Father’s salad

/tomatoes with flavored roasted red peppers/

Beans with pork and veggies

/beans, carrots, roasted peppers, onions, pork and spices/

Roasted peppers

/roasted red peppers flavored with olive oil, vinegar, salt, onion garlic and parsley/

Eggs of Panagyurishte

/spattered eggs, Bulgarian white cheese, butter and homemade sour yoghurt/


/yogurt, roasted red peppers , white cheese, garlic and walnuts/

Panagyurishte’s sausage

/minced pork meat with spices roasted on the grill with fried potatoes/

Panagyurishte’s starter

/homemade traditional dips with 3 types of bread/

Stewed pork knuckle

/stewed pork knuckle with potatoes/

Our restaurant

At our restaurant and yard you can celebrate your special day, together with family and friends. We are glad to welcome you for celebrations such as wedding, baptism, birthdays and anniversaries or any other special moment for you.


Panaguyrishte,17 Krystio Cholakov Str.

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