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We are the Petrishki family.


We have been owners of the Djudjeva house since 2007 when we bought it from the great grand children of the famous Petar Djudjev. We convinced the heirs that we will be heirs new owners of their grandfather’s house. The restoration was a huge challenge, but a real pleasure and it took us more than two years. We have put a lot of love and diligence to keep the houses, rooms and the yard as authentic as possible. For our family the Djudjeva house is not just a place of business, but a dedication to a real cause: to preserve and display the architecture, the spirit and the history of a great family from our town – the Djudjevi family.
Let us tell you more about us and the hotel Djudjeva house.

The history

The Djudjeva house was completed in 1860, as evidenced by a sign on the water fountain in the yard. The house was owned by two great Panagyurishte’s families. It was built by Staiko Dedev – rich djelepin (animal merchant). His wife was a prominent and vigorous woman. Her name was Petra Dedeva. She was the chairwoman of the First Women’s Society in Panagyurishte – “Momina Kitka”. Together they raised up three sons Petar, Pavel and George.
The house was inherited by their first-born son Petar Dedev. He was the longest-standing Panagyurishte’s mayor before 1944. Peter and his wife had four daughters. The eldest – Penka Dedeva married Petar Djudjev, who payed the share of the other heirs and the house became his property around 1910. Petar Djudjev was rich and educated young man. He studied chemistry at the Sorbonne in Paris. He is also known for electrifying the Panagurishte town at the beginning of the 20th century.
With the new communist party leading the country after 1944 came a lot of changes. The house was taken away from the family for the benefit of the state in 1948. Petar Djudjev lived in the house until his death in 1962. But the house was not his own property and he had to share it with other people.
In 1984 the house was restored in order to be residence of Pencho Kubadinsky (communist leader). After the fall of the communist regime, the property was returned to the 21 heirs. To learn the details and interesting moments of the life of the owners and the whole story – visit us so we can tell you the story live!

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The hotel

The hotel consists of 2 houses for accommodation, a restaurant, an old open air oven and a souvenir shop, all located in a spacious green yard! The bigger house was the building where the Djudjevi family lived and the small house was an outbuilding. Both houses offer accommodation in 2 apartments and 6 double rooms.

The old oven and fireplace

The old oven is located next to our kitchen. Back in the days this was the exact spot where the family prepared foods for the winter. It’s our place to prepare delicious dishes on embers and a great barbecue. Here you can see some preserved household items, some of which are more than 150 years old.
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The souvenir shop

The shop is located in the former granary. The whole building is wooden and about 160 years old. The family’s grain was stored there during the winter. Nowadays you can take with you a small souvenir from our house, you can buy a folklore costume hand made by local women or just inspire yourself.

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Our guests’ reviews

Teddy G

The hosts give a new amazing meaning to the word “hospitality”

Starting with the atmosphere I must say that the location is perfect. Located near to the museums and cultural monuments of Panagyurishte. The rooms are a mixture of vintage arrangement and cover all modern and convince needs. The food is homemade and amazingly cooked. The hosts are amazing people who make you feel at home. Definitely, recommend to all searchers of authentic experience. I could describe the feeling I felt there with the word “cozy


Amazing stay

If you are looking for the best stay in Panagyurishte you are in the right place! Very well authentically restored house with the most friendly and hospitable hosts. Beautiful garden and the most delicious food I’ve ever had in a hotel.

I recommend the weekend package if it’s the first visit in order to use the very informative and professional guided tour included in the price. We were a group of 9 people and all share the same opinion.


Very nice guest house in the revival style

We have been worm welcomed by the housekeeper and settled in a beautiful room with wooden furniture and red curtains in the revival style. Everywhere was clean, warm and cozy. The restaurant at the house offered us delicious food. I recommend this hotel.


Place as no one else

This is one of the most beautiful places I have been. The house is old and charming. The owners are the best. They make you feel at home. In the morning you are waking up from one rooster. The food is incredible. It’s homemade, by the owners.

You are welcome to visit us as well!


Panaguyrishte,17 Krystio Cholakov Str.

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